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Monastery El Escorial

 avril 7, 2017  Hotel Miau   Blog

You should not leave Madrid without visiting this impressive monument built between 1563 and 1584, with an area of ​​33,327 m², National Patrimony and UNESCO Heritage since 1984.Nacional y Patrimonio de la UNESCO desde 1984. Construido entre 1563 y 1584 el monasterio ocupa una superficie de un poco más de tres hectáreas (33.327 m²).

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Museums and other free days

 avril 5, 2017  Hotel Miau   Blog

If your budget is small or you do not have enough to see all the museums and historical monuments you want, you can consult this guide of the Hotel Miau so you can plan the visits that will not cost you anything ... and if you go early you can be the first in the row, avoiding long queues.

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Royal Guard

 avril 1, 2017  Hotel Miau   Blog

Do not miss the opportunity to see the Royal Guard wearing his uniform, similar to the one used by the Spanish army in the time of Alfonso XIII, in red, blue and white. The relays, solemn and ordinary, link the current Royal Guard with its historical background.

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Nine Miau's favorite restaurants

 mars 28, 2017  Hotel Miau   Blog

Hotel Miau wants you to enjoy Madrid and try its varied gastronomy, so we have been scoring (and testing) a list of Restaurants for you to choose from.

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