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Nine Miau's favorite restaurants

Hotel Miau wants you to enjoy Madrid and try its varied gastronomy, so we have been scoring (and testing) a list of Restaurants for you to choose from.

Nine Miau's favorite restaurants

In the variety is the spice; So we chose different specialties, from original hamburgers, fish and seafood, tapas of various flavors, Japanese food, Spanish, Italian food ... so you have options, variety and quality. In the directory you have the addresses, the specialty and some star dishes.

You can visit their websites and make reservations online or call by phone. There are some restaurants where you do not need to book, but we recommend you do so to avoid surprises or disappointments.

If you try any of them, let us know about your experience and if you have the same opinion that we do ... after all, every palate is a world!

You can download our guide here:: print it or share it if it has been useful.

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